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To compare insurance quotes is often the most important part in cutting the cost of insurance however, different types of insurance need to be compared in different ways. There are three basic methods to compare insurance quotes, the use of insurance comparison sites, sometimes called comparison engines, phoning around direct insurers and using a broker. The more commoditized and standard the insurance is the less work is needed.

Motor insurance quotes are some of the easiest to compare. To compare car insurance quotes it is often a case of entering the relevant figures into an insurance comparison site. Getting a comparison for a motorcycle insurance quote can be a bit harder, and it is often best to ring around as well. If the consumer is covered by a group insurance scheme then it is often a good idea to get a comparison quote from them as group insurance schemes do tend to be cheaper.

Travel insurance quotes are similarly best done through using a comparison site, if the destination is a common one. If there is an unusual destination it is often a good idea to phone a couple of specialist travel insurers as even if a general policy covers this area it may not be the cheapest. Annual travel insurance is also becoming more widely used, particularly for frequent business travelers, and in this case it is often a good idea to call a couple of direct insurance providers or even to use an insurance broker.

Health insurance quotes can often be quite expensive and specialized and so getting an insurance broker involved may be wise particularly if there is a serious pre-existing medical condition. In general the more people covered, the better it is to seek out a broker. Dental insurance quotes on the other hand tend to be simpler and so it is usually wise to buy them directly from the insurer.

Life insurance quotes really depend on how much will be paid out if there is a claim. If the payout amount is high then a specialist insurance broker is usually a good idea. However if the payout is a normal then the standard conditions of life insurance, particularly when considering term insurance quotes, mean that using a comparison site may be a good way of getting the cheapest quote.

Homeowners insurance quotes are often best to get using a comparison site as house insurance quotes are relatively standard. Care should be taken on what the conditions are as choosing a cheaper policy that depends on the presence of certain locks or alarms that are not in the house can mean that in effect the house is not covered.

Business insurance quotes are best dealt with through an insurance broker. This is because business insurance is generally non standard and so tends to be dealt with largely by specialist insurance companies who only deal with brokers and do not deal with the public directly.

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