Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance for motorcycle use has become a big business with a surprising amount of choice. Like car or motor insurance it is possible to have a number of different levels of cover for motorcycle riding. Every province requires all motorcycle riders to have motorcycle insurance in place, at least to cover third parties, and insurance against theft or damage to the motorcycle itself (“collision insurance”) is also widely available.

Getting cheap motorcycle insurance

Cheap motorcycle insurance is available than ever before. However, online comparison shopping for motorcycle insurance only really works with standard models, and classic motorcycle insurance still should be done through a broker (see below). Online motorcycle insurance offerings have become very common and shopping around for a cheap motorcycle insurance quote, particularly using an insurance comparison site, is by far the surest and quickest way to get a reduction in the price for motorcycle insurance at the basic level.

Taking an advanced course in motorcycle riding and being aware of the effect that modifications - particularly those which make the motorcycle more powerful - have on the cost of motorcycle insurance are two things that should be done in the long term. One good modification is to fit an anti-theft device.

Classic motorcycle insurance

Classic motorcycle insurance is a growing part of the motorcycle insurance market, although it is still a small and specialist market. Luckily there are a number of insurers who will do a wide range of insurance; The Dominion is a particular example. A good way to find the providers is to use a motorcycle insurance broker, as most providers who run classic insurance only operate through brokers. There are many specialist motorcycle insurance brokers who will have the full range of cover available and will be able to help with special cases.

How Motorcycle Insurance Quotes are calculated

Motorcycle insurance goes by a number of factors. The first, and most important, is the power of the motorcycle. Generally speaking, the more powerful the motorcycle the more likely it is to get into an accident. This means that more powerful motorcycles attract higher insurance quotes.

Another factor is experience. This is more complex. With auto insurance it is usually possible to use age as a proxy for experience due to the fact that most people learn to drive when young and keep driving from that point. This is not as simple for motorcycle insurance as a number of people either return to motorcycling or take it up later in life. This is why motorcyclists can sometimes be asked how long they have owned their current and previous motorcycles. One thing that tends to reassure motorcycle insurance companies is the possession of an advanced motorcycle riding certificate.

Like all insurance companies, motorcycle insurance companies will use demographic factors such as age, gender and home address to work out a quote. This can have less effect on the final quote than it does with other forms of insurance.

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